A Fun Thematic Idea for your Baby Boy’s Nursery

What better investment can you make than in your own child? Babies are at that exciting stage where they absorb things at exceptional rates, and having a fun yet stimulating nursery with themes your son can grow into will help in their development. Be sure to enter the baby on boardcontest that 21st Century Insurance is running through to March 29 in which you could win a cash prize of $10K to remodel your baby’s room. But whether you win or lose, ensuring your baby boy has beautiful, fun and calming room should be on your list of to-do projects.

What’s black and white and red all over?

This room isn’t just for the baby, but for parents as well. You will be spending lots of time in here, at some cases you will be up at 3AM in this room. Making the nursery comfortable and calming for you is just as important as it is for the baby’s comfort. Be sure you use calming soft colors like greens, blues or pinks. Avoid dark or bright colors, although some can be used as minor accent tones. However, do not use red. A baby can only see black and white, and red becomes the first color they see as their vision develops. When babies only see red in a sea of black and white, they can become anxious and feel nervous. Let your inner artist free, and have fun creating a fun yet calming room where Baby can slowly come to recognize all the colors at once.

Organic themes

When considering a theme for your baby’s nursery, you have many options. In the world of interior design, bringing the outdoors in has become a huge trend, so why not let it spread into the nursery? By adapting a theme that promotes nature and the outdoors you can embrace a calming green color scheme and choose a specific subject. In this case, let’s focus on a boy’s room, and what little boy doesn’t love a monkey? You can pick up stencils that allow you to create professionally looking custom wall art. Start by using an appropriate wall color as your base to compliment the green of the trees and the brown of the monkey, such as a gentle faded yellow, sky blue, or soft gray. When using a mild sage green for the trees, and a soft brown for the monkey, you will be joining a fun and exciting theme with calming out-door colors. You can further add to the nature theme by picking up some furniture to compliment the design, such as a toddler’s table and set of mushroom-shaped chairs to compliment the organic element. Use some simplistic decorative flares to give the room a modern look, and add some high-gloss crown molding and matching trim for the windows and doorframe to give it an elegant look.

If you want to create a baby boy’s room that is appropriate for an infant, but that will also allow the child more years to grow into, consider adapting a more mature theme, but make it three dimensional to stimulate the baby’s mind. Interior designer Vern Yip executed this concept beautifully on HGTV’s websiteby showcasing a little boy’s room using teal and brown stripes, and hot-air balloons hung from the ceiling to promote stimulation. This is a room that a child could use well into the time they start school. This is great for the parents in the sense it will save them time and money in remodeling the room in just a short few years. At the end of the day, your home is your castle. Try to ensure that your baby’s room will be a castle of his own too.

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