A lovely garden in your small apartment

There is nothing more healthy than breathing clean air. Plants give you that freshness you are looking for, so this is one of the many advantages of having a small garden.There are many plant lovers out there, who complain about not being able to own flowers. Lucky for them, there are many plants who do not need a big garden to keep growing. These are called apartment plants. Here are some of the best flowers you could easily grow in your flat, if you are plant fan. In fact, plants are also a great gift idea. Do not think that only your mother will appreciate a plant as a gift, your gardening passionate father will also love receiving an exotic plant or at least a new set of tools to take care of his garden. You can buy him the tools for Father’s Day from great-fathers-day-gifts.com and support his hobby.


Chamaedorea Palm

This flower is from the palm tree family, being much smaller. The interesting thing about it is that in translation the name means gift. Because it is not high at all, the fruits are easily to reach, hence the significance. They resemble miniature palm trees, their sizes growing from 30 cm up to 6m, in their natural habitat. If you want one in your flat, then try to find a place that isn’t strongly illuminated. The Chamaedorea is resistant to shade, but don’t keep it in dark corners. Also, the soil must be moist, so water it as soon as it feels dry. Also, remember to clean the plant, because insects can seriously damage it.


Pepperomia or radior plant

This plant comes from South Africa, but it is perfect for any apartment. There are many Peperomia species out there, but what they all have in common are the thick leaves. Some even have small flowers or a brownish color. You need to know that this is a stream like flower, meaning it grows down, that is why you need to hang the flowerpot. The Pepperomia likes humid conditions and plenty of light. Just try not to water the leaves and flowers, just the soil. It is definitely a lovely plant, which doesn’t need too much care and it can survive easily a small flat. Not to mention that it lightens up the room, due to the lovely greenish shades it has.


Dracena Marginata

The dragon plant, as its name tells you, has a dangerous appearance. If you choose this plant to start your indoor garden, then you shouldn’t expect any flowers. It is more of a decorating plant. The Dracena is no frost fan, even though it can tolerate low temperatures. Growing this plant indoor will make it very happy, as long as the soil is moist. Do not water it too much, because it doesn’t enjoy it. Usually, they can grow really high, going above 4 m, but it shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can easily trim the stem. Be sure to do this in the spring time, so it has plenty of time to grow back. The Dracena is a plant that has something odd about it, something foreign, so you will certainly enjoy a real view having it in your home.


Aloe plant

The Aloe stands among the most healthy plants there are. Face and body creams, shower gels, soaps, natural beverages, these are just a few things made with Aloe. Having this plant in your flat provides you with a great natural medicine. A great tip would be to buy an older Aloe plant, because the growing process is a long one. The idea is to keep it away from powerful light, but do not totally deprive the Aloe of it. It hates cold and it will die if you decide to leave it on your balcony. As for watering, it doesn’t need too much. You should check the soil and water it only when it is quite dried out. It is the perfect apartment plant.


Violets or Saintpaulia

Because a garden means a bit of color and tenderness, Violets are always a good idea. For an apartment, the African violets are a great option. They have many small leaves and colorful flowers, from violet to light pink. They are great for making flower arrangements and with a bit of patience you could easily grow them all year round. They love a shady and moist environment. Still, do not give it cold water, because they do not enjoy it at all. Also, African Violets should be kept at a temperature of 21 degrees.

In conclusion, no matter what is your choice of plants, a garden must be made with love and attention. It is very healthy to have plants in your apartment especially if it is a small one, because it will improve the air quality. You shouldn’t go overboard with your planting. Otherwise, start cultivating.

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