A small pet turtle for your child

Everybody knows that a child growing up with a pet can easily get accustomed with idea of responsibility. Any pet can be a great choice, but even so, you have to be careful about your decision, as you should consider that your child should be the one taking care of it and not you. Therefore, until he is old enough to get a dog or a cat, a small pet turtle seems to be like a great option. These animals are not at all hard to care of, as soon as you learned the basics about their species. So, here are a few tips of how to make your turtle happy and to keep it healthy at all times.

A small pet turtle and its favorite terrarium

This is the most important aspect in carrying for a turtle. You should know that even though they are not demanding pets, they do need a special tank to live in. Made out of glass and filled with water, a turtle’s habitat should resemble as much as possible to its natural living conditions. Therefore, you could set some plants and rocks inside, so the turtle has  somewhere to hide, when it is feeling scared and a rock to climb on, when it is tired from all that swimming activity. Also, it would be wise to purchase a bigger tank from the start, as this pet grows rapidly and it will need room to move. As a last piece of information related to the terrarium, always use natural plants, because mature turtles are herbivorous. Do some research about what plant they enjoy eating and use them.

The proper lighting and temperature

A small pet turtle is very cute, but one must not forget that it comes from the reptile family. This information weighs a lot when looking for the proper lighting and the perfect temperature. Following the example of other reptiles, the small turtle has cold blood running through its veins and this means that it will require a higher temperature to keep warm. A good idea would be to place a light bulb over her rock, so it can warm up when she feels the need. At specialized stores, you will find the UV(ultraviolet) bulb, which imitates the sun light perfectly and helps the turtle to get calcium for its bones. Lighting is very important for all reptiles, because their natural habitat benefits from a lot of sun.


Keeping disease away from your turtle

In theory, a small pet turtle is not so difficult to care for, but this does not mean that it cannot get sick. Most of the problems that a turtle could develop are either due to its living conditions or their eating habit. Not changing its water or not providing it with enough light will cause your small pet to get sick. The only way you can notice if there is something wrong with it is to observe its behavior, if the turtle moves a lot or simply stays put in a corner or check her shell. This is safest way to know if the turtle is ill, as small white spots will appear on the shell. In case you have decided to own more turtles and not just one, which is very good, since they enjoy the company, then you will have to separate the sick turtle from the rest. This way, you won’t be risking the health of all your pets.

A small pet turtle is a great choice, it is not hard to care for, nor expensive and this way your child will grow up with a strong sense of responsibility. All you need to do is to get to know a bit about this cute animal.

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