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Teen Summer Party Season: Controlling Kids’ Alcohol Intake

Teen Summer Party Season: Controlling Kids’ Alcohol Intake


While it’s highly unlikely that most parents will ever need alcohol rehab counselling in Kent for their kids, research suggests that more youngsters than ever before are drinking way, WAY too much alcohol.  It’s problematic the United Kingdom has developed the kind of culture where adolescent alcohol use and abuse has become something of a norm. It’s not that anyone genuinely believes it is a good thing, but it is also something that most fail to take adequate control of.

The thing is, attempting to manage and control the day to day lives of teenagers is borderline impossible. Particularly during the summer season, when all manner of parties and events bring teenagers together to get up to…well, whatever they can get away with!

Drinking alcohol is of course something of a priority for many youngsters, who routinely get together online to share various tips and guidelines on how to get away with it. Whether it’s disguising vodka in water bottles, adding spirits to soft drinks to completely hide their appearance or avoiding contact with adults entirely to avoid detection, teens have all manner of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Signs and Symptoms

So what are the kinds of warning signs parents should be on the lookout for, which could indicate that their kids are drinking far more than is good for their health?

Well, the chances of actually catching them in the act are comparatively low, but there are nonetheless certain common indicators that could indicate that they are (or at least have been) up to no good. These include overuse of perfumes and anything else that could hide the smell of alcohol, avoiding close contact with adults who may pick up on the smell, hiding away behind closed doors and generally avoiding contact, any evidence of the after effects of alcohol and so on.

The truth is, it can be difficult to know what to look out for them where to draw the line, given that all teenagers are different and therefore behave very differently. Nevertheless, it’s important to be on the lookout for anything that could constitute problematic behaviour, in order to ensure that it is brought in to check before being allowed to develop into anything more serious.

Out in the Open

As far as the vast majority of experts are concerned, the single worst thing you any parent can do is give the impression that alcohol is something of a taboo or prohibited subject. The more the issue is avoided or swept to one side, the more difficult it is to keep it under control. By contrast, the more open you are when it comes to discussing alcohol consumption and its associated effects, the more likely your kids are to both talk about it and approach the subject proactively.

The simple fact of the matter is that all teenagers will begin experimenting with a alcohol at some point, meaning there’s very little parents can do to prevent this from happening. It’s also often true to say that the more intensively parents try to control the actions of their teenage children, the more likely they are to rebel, just for the sake of it. As such, trying to convince your children never to touch alcohol or that alcohol is the devil incarnate simply isn’t going to work.  If anything, you’ll only steer them in the wrong direction.

Instead, it can be far more effective to accept the fact that they are going to drink and therefore help educate them as to the importance of doing so in moderation. By being realistic, it is significantly less likely that your teenage children will attempt to hide their alcohol consumption from you, or take things to extremes simply to prove a point. It’s not as if you should be directly encouraging your children to drink alcohol, but if you accept that it is at least a partial inevitability, you can be far more proactive with your chosen approach.

Speaking of encouragement, you cannot realistically expect your kids to take your advice on alcohol consumption seriously, if you yourself then enjoy alcohol in pretty heavy quantities. This is the kind of time in life where setting the right example really couldn’t be more important. Trying to adopt something of a “do as I say not as I do” approach will usually prove to be 100% ineffective, as far as teenagers are concerned.

If you set a bad example, you can rest assured they will probably follow it to the letter.

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Is your garden summer ready?

Is your garden summer ready?



As the warm season approaches, your garden becomes what it actually is: an extension of your home. Once the temperatures rise and the sun is up all day, your family and guests will feel like spending more and more time outside. For this reason, you need to take time and prepare the outdoor part of your house properly. So, in order to provide your friends and family with all the comfort they need, get ready to start a remodeling project for your garden. Trimming the lawn and hedge or watering the plants and trees are only some of the basic things you must do, since spring is just around the corner. Besides that, make sure you also invest some time in landscaping and furnishing the space, if you want to create a place where you can chill on those hot summer days. Of course, getting your garden summer ready means a lot more. There are so many details that will probably not cross your mind at first, which is why this article will help you. Read on to discover a brief list of not-so-obvious things you should take care of, in order to prepare your space for the upcoming season:

Protect yourself from insects

There is nothing more annoying that intruding insects while you are having a barbeque or sun bathing. Besides being extremely annoying, these tiny creatures can also cause allergies or spread diseases. That is why insects are one of the biggest problems for those who like to spend time outside, during the warm season. While placing nets on your house windows and doors is an efficient solution if you want to prevent mosquitos and bugs from going inside the house, this does not work in open spaces. Fortunately, there is one item in particular that will help you get rid of this problem: electric bug zappers. These will keep insects away, offering you a clear space where you can spend time comfortably. These devices are not only extremely efficient, but also very stylish, due to their neat look. Read some bug zapper reviews to make an informed decision and get yourself the most suitable product.

Clean the summer essentials

Just as you prepare your wardrobe for summer, by hiding winter items and bringing out all the thin fabrics, you should do the same with your outdoors. This means taking out summer essentials such as barbecue kit and patio furniture. Do not be surprised because they may need some serious cleaning, especially if you have not used them since the year before and you kept them stored in humid conditions (in the basement or the garage). Make sure you remove any trace of dust, dirt or rust using special products that do not affect the materials and facilitate the cleaning process.

Use decorations

Outdoor decorations are known to be a must during winter holidays, but they can also make a difference on summer days. Your garden has to become a living space! Small figurines are ideal for the patio, while some cushions, colorful trays and even curtains are perfect for the furnished part of your garden. These will make the space more appealing, welcoming and comfortable, adding more hues besides the green of your healthy plants.

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Dos and don’ts on labiaplasty surgery

Dos and don’ts on labiaplasty surgery


You have probably heard some things about labiaplasty, but you do not know for sure what it is or what you are supposed to do and what not to do when it comes to this procedure. Know that this type of cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular nowadays among women who want to feel more secured and self-confident on their body and on the way they look when wearing tight clothes. Some are afraid that the London labiaplasty cost is too high to afford, but if you do detailed online research it is for sure you will find a clinic that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Here are the dos and don’ts you should take into account the moment you decide to undergo labiaplasty.

Do opt for the best surgeon

Even though it may take a while to find the best surgeon that is specialized in labiaplasty, everything will be worth it in the end. You need to work with professionals only if you want to obtain the best results, which is why you should start with thorough research on the Internet. Look for medical centres in your region that provide this type of surgery and learn more about their history, the experience their surgeons have, whether or not they are licensed and what other past patients have to say about their experiences in those clinics. This will definitely help you make the best decision.

Don’t engage in sexual intercourse for a while

It is strongly advisable you avoid any sexual intercourses for about six weeks after the surgery, since if you do, chances for the incision site to reopen and get infected are extremely high, not to mention about the intense pain you will experience during the intercourse that will only cause you discomfort and will not let you enjoy the moment to the fullest. It is best to wait for a while until the site is completely recovered and enjoy the sex later on.

Do take showers and use antibiotic creams

It is important that you clean the area carefully on a regular basis so that nothing affects the area. However, you should avoid using any soaps, body lotions or creams, since they may contain certain ingredients that can cause irritation or infection in the area, which may cause the recovery process to take even longer. After each shower dry the genital area with a soft towel making gentle moves. Your doctor from Centre for Surgery will also recommend an antibiotic cream that you are supposed to apply several times a day in order to keep the site moist.

Don’t wear tight clothes

It is best that you avoid wearing any tight clothes at least several weeks after the surgery, in order to avoid having the genital area irritated. Go for skirts, loose pants or dresses that allow you to move freely.

Everyone who intends to undergo labiaplasty should take into account these useful tips. It is worth mentioning that there are many benefits that come with this type of surgery, such as it offers women more comfort and it makes them be more confident in themselves.


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When you need to look for an astrologer

When you need to look for an astrologer

There are moments in humans’ life when they feel overwhelmed about all the worries and problems. According to psychologists, stress and depression and the most common affections that people have to confront with, even if they are still very young. But, nowadays, there are many solutions. For example, people can choose asking for the services of a counsellor or they can look for an astrologer. However, for those who think that the second option is more appealing, finding the best astrologer in Sydney is no such a difficult thing to do, especially due to the fact that everybody has a good Internet connection nowadays. Therefore, when you need the opinion of an expert, you should make a small research on the Internet.

A few things to now about an astrologer first:


Astrology is the study of celestial objects and it has been dated to the 2nd millennium B.C. When it comes to this science, there are two categories of people: those who claim that they do not believe in astrology and those who think that astrology is always the right answer for all of their problems. On the other hand, those from the second category claim that there are only a few persons can practice astrology and usually they come with experience and deep knowledge.


One of the most important aspects which are related to an astrologer is that he or she should be reliable and trustworthy. If you do not feel confident enough as to tell him or her about your problems, it will be difficult to find the right solution. Moreover, believe it or not, there are many celebrities who prefer asking for the services of an astrologer. They claim that they choose this option because they can trust the Australian astrologers to keep their secrets confidential.


On the other hand, another interesting thing that you should bear in mind is that in case you find an astrologer who seems the right answer for you is that you can communicate with him or her even if you leave Sydney. There are many astrologers who want to develop a long term relationship with their clients and who offer them support by talking on the phone.

Some situations when you should definitely ask for the help of an astrologer:


  • When you feel like you cannot cope with stress or depression
  • When you think that someone is using Black Magic for hurting you
  • When you want to give up a bad habit such as smoking or drinking and you cannot find any method which really works
  • When you face financial issues and you need help for your business
  • When you want to build a stronger bond with your husband/ wife/ lover
  • When you suffer from something that affects both your mind and soul
  • When you cannot have children
  • When you want to start a family, but you are not sure that you have chosen the right person for this important step in your life
  • When you feel like talking to someone, but you do not feel comfortable enough for doing it with your friends
  • When you cannot handle your marriage problems, but you do not want to get divorced


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Achieving higher levels of education – tutoring services

Achieving higher levels of education – tutoring services


Education is a great part of a child’s development, even at early stages in life. For this, a different approach for each of them is the factor differentiating between a successful academic life or a disaster filled with struggle and frustration for both students and parents. And although teachers in public education facilities might have the knowledge, many lack proper teaching techniques and approaches. Tutoring services, on the other hand, combine well-structured theoretical notions with ample approaches making it possible for students of all ages achieve higher academic results in less time. GCSE tutoring Harrow services are highly appreciated by both parents and children preparing for a what is known as a rigorous set of exams. However, tutoring services are available for many other study domains and below are some ways in which they can help your child become successful when it comes to education.

Identify strengths and weaknesses

Because over practicing subjects a student might be skilled at while lacking knowledge in others is counterproductive, before starting the tutoring sessions these facilities analyse in detail their current level. This way, they can fully understand where their tenacity and flaws manifest. Understanding a child’s educational level is the key to a perfect approach and developing strategies to help them improve it. Many centres of this kind have free assessment services, making it easier to identify all points of interest in a child’s education.

Different approach for every student

Not all children have the same learning style and techniques. This is why it is highly relevant for a facility of this kind to personalise all their courses to each student’s capabilities and learning style. While in traditional schools, the curricula is lectured the same to all students, many have issues understanding and assimilating it.

Challenging learning environment

While exceptional academic results cannot be achieved if students are not pushed outside their comfort zone, tutors make an effort out of pushing them towards more complicated subjects with every occasion. And because positive results can only be achieved with a structured programme, this is also adapted so it meets challenging standards. Incorporating all it takes to reach the highest form of education possible for a student, tutoring services quickly became the go-to alternative for children with educational issues.

And while children having problems at school do not necessary lack the intelligence, but the perfect approach for them, we strongly encourage all parents to seek this type of assistance for them.

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