Baby shower favours – options and possibilities

Expecting a baby is one of the purest and most exciting feeling a person can experience. Although pregnancy has its pains and annoyances, there are also several moments during that magical time when you feel blessed, such as the first time the baby kicks or the first time you see his or her tiny arms or legs on the ultrasound or hear the heartbeat. As the due date approaches and you get heavier and more uncomfortable by the second, there is one event that can help put a smile on your face again: the baby shower. The baby shower is a great little tradition that helps upcoming mothers get insight and advice from other moms and also receive a bunch of very helpful gifts that they can make great use of during the early months of the baby. It is accustomed that the soon to be mom offered the guests of the baby shower small tokens of appreciation, called baby shower favours, which usually come wrapped in the cutest, most precious baby ribbonsyou will ever see.


When it comes to baby shower favours and baby ribbons, your options are virtually endless and if you have such an event coming up, then you should seriously consider all your options in order to make the right choice and thank your guests for their consideration properly. Just as guests at a baby shower should pay much attention to the gift they are bringing, coordinating presents, so that you don’t receive the same item from two or three persons separately, you should also put a lot of thought in the favours you intend to offer them. The best thing you can do is buy personalised favours, as that shows you really put an effort into offering your guests these tokens of appreciation. Whether you choose baby shower frames, candles, glass coasters, little notebooks, baby bottles or candy bags, you can now have virtually any item personalised. And you can even order the favours online, which further increases your convenience and comfort. Just make sure you wrap the favours properly, as you can also find suitable or even matching ribbons online.


Chocolate bars or candy jars are very popular ideas when it comes to baby shower favours, as it is very easy to put a personalised label on them and turn them into adorable little gifts. Top that with printed baby ribbons and personalised tags and your token will be the hit of the party. On the ribbons, you can print anything you like, from your baby’s name and the name of the recipient to short messages, such as “ Thanks for coming” or “See you soon”, or you can print the date of the event. There is a lot of room for you to play with baby shower favours and ribbons, so that you can make them as original as possible, you just have to use your imagination and find a good supplier.

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