Bring a feel shabby chic into your modern home

Shabby chic is the hottest trend in the field of interior decoration, it is a style that combines elements of French country style with elegant touches in order to reproduce a a sense of romance, a warm and bohemian atmosphere in your home. Shabby chic has been around for many years and it is likely to stay for the years to come, for it is versatile, affordable and somehow easy to implement. A rich, inviting, practical, time-worn style that you can adapt to your own personal preferences, requirements and even budget. It reflects elegance and simplicity, creating an original and yet, practical living space, that is comfortable and soft, with a liberal touch of femininity.

There is a myth regarding the fact that this style is less shabby and more chic, therefore, expensive. Well, it is indeed a very popular decorating style, so more and more interior designers are becoming fond of. If you fancy the idea of buying  shabby chic furniture , or other decorative accessories, from a glossy store, you must be willing to pay significant amounts of money. But there is no point to break a bank in order to incorporate these elements in the décor of your home. You can bring a feel of shabby chic and create a sense of history in your modern house, without spending a fortune to own elegant accessories. There are numerous inexpensive ways that you can decorate your house and have it look very stylish, and the greatest part is that this can be a hobby that stimulates your creativity and imagination, enabling you to recycle old pieces of furniture and accessories so that they reflect your personality and taste.


If you are creative, and a bit bold, you can save plenty of money and have lots of fun making your own artwork. By its nature and of course, its name, shabby chic style doesn’t have flawless finishes, which makes it a relaxed and yet, very functional style. If you are on a budget, there are some basic elements that you should consider when you decorate your house: old pieces of furniture, slip covers, printed fabrics,  light fixtures and lamps and fresh flowers. A good shabby chic design will have an aged look, without appearing obsolete; everything must be in good, usable condition, comfy and soft. In this connection, you can start your project by painting your walls with a soft pastel color. You can use various shades of white that bring a light, airy feel to your home, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go for some touches of bold colors, such as powder blue, French grey or brown, or any other crazy color combinations that give your living space a calm and a lovely atmosphere. It is fact that shabby chic calls for muted tones in rose, sage, mustard and blue and you could even consider a floral wall décor, however, don’t be afraid to try something original, a nice contrast that makes a statement about your personality.


Furthermore, you have to apply some inexpensive treatments and paint your windows in colors that match your walls and remember that they don’t have to be seamless. Additionally, there are many paint techniques for glazed multicolor shabby chic walls that enables you to incorporate as few or as many colors as you want and like and if you start with a  fresh base coat of straight paint in the color that you want to use as a background, you can further finish with any shade you want. This is the first and most important step of your shabby chic project and once you complete it, you just have to choose all sorts of pieces of furniture and  accessories and paint them in tones of antique white or cream in order to add an extra touch of sophistication. Fortunately, you can find these elements in flea markets, at extremely affordable prices and the internet is a valuable source of information regarding all sorts of painting techniques, so you can easily learn how to create charming and timeless decorative elements, without any fuss. Remember that shabby chic is all about breathing new life into old elements and the beauty of this style lies in its delicate imperfection. You are allowed to make mistakes because as long as you use elements with vintage touches, especially floral accents, you have a great chance to create an ambiance  full of warmth, elegance and charisma.

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