Car accidents and pediatric brain injuries

As a parent, the safety of your child always takes first priority, but no matter how careful you are and how many precautions you take, accidents do occur. While an adult can get out of a light car accident unharmed, the very same accident can take its toll on a child, because they are more fragile and easily injured. Traumatic brain injury is common among children under two years old, which can lead to numerous complications and sometimes even lifetime disabilities. Statistics show that almost eighty percent of traumatic injury related deaths in children older than one year are caused by head traumas. Motor vehicle accident is one of the main reasons why children suffer from pediatric brain injuries. While injury prevention and efficient emergency care are of utmost importance, another aspect of the problem is the law. Most insurance fail to cover the needs of a child suffering from pediatric brain injury after an accident, so parents that held the best interest of their children at heart should resort to the services of a vehicle injury lawyer in Ottawa to ensure that proper compensation is given. The compensation helps parents attend to the special needs of the child suffering from head traumas.


There is a risk that the negative effects of a brain injury are not immediately visible. It is important for a child with vehicle injury to visit a great number of specialists including neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, physiotherapists and speech language pathologists to ensure that the brain injury will not cause long lasting disabilities. A vehicle injury lawyer in Ottawa can help you obtain the necessary compensation to afford all these visits, while making the one responsible pay for its mistakes. For the sake of the future of your child, you should make sure that there is no reason to suspect any future complications. Pediatric brain injury rehabilitation is a long process that involves a great number of consultations and medical fees. A reputable lawyer that specializes in personal injury can collaborate with these specialists and the insurance company to ensure that your child will receive the best possible treatment. This is why it is important to contact a lawyer immediately after a motor vehicle accident and ask for his help.


Personal injury lawyers aim to settle the case in the benefit of the child. Parents or other parties involved are not taken into account when the future of the child suffering from brain injury is discussed. If you or your loved one is in this situation, you should not stop to think and immediately contact a lawyer. Even though your child might seem fine after the car accident, you might notice that there is something wrong with him after a while, when it could be too late to hope for a full recovery. Parents should take their children thorough all the necessary tests when the risk of head trauma is high like in the case of car accidents.

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