Dos and don’ts on labiaplasty surgery


You have probably heard some things about labiaplasty, but you do not know for sure what it is or what you are supposed to do and what not to do when it comes to this procedure. Know that this type of cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular nowadays among women who want to feel more secured and self-confident on their body and on the way they look when wearing tight clothes. Some are afraid that the London labiaplasty cost is too high to afford, but if you do detailed online research it is for sure you will find a clinic that perfectly fits your needs and budget. Here are the dos and don’ts you should take into account the moment you decide to undergo labiaplasty.

Do opt for the best surgeon

Even though it may take a while to find the best surgeon that is specialized in labiaplasty, everything will be worth it in the end. You need to work with professionals only if you want to obtain the best results, which is why you should start with thorough research on the Internet. Look for medical centres in your region that provide this type of surgery and learn more about their history, the experience their surgeons have, whether or not they are licensed and what other past patients have to say about their experiences in those clinics. This will definitely help you make the best decision.

Don’t engage in sexual intercourse for a while

It is strongly advisable you avoid any sexual intercourses for about six weeks after the surgery, since if you do, chances for the incision site to reopen and get infected are extremely high, not to mention about the intense pain you will experience during the intercourse that will only cause you discomfort and will not let you enjoy the moment to the fullest. It is best to wait for a while until the site is completely recovered and enjoy the sex later on.

Do take showers and use antibiotic creams

It is important that you clean the area carefully on a regular basis so that nothing affects the area. However, you should avoid using any soaps, body lotions or creams, since they may contain certain ingredients that can cause irritation or infection in the area, which may cause the recovery process to take even longer. After each shower dry the genital area with a soft towel making gentle moves. Your doctor from Centre for Surgery will also recommend an antibiotic cream that you are supposed to apply several times a day in order to keep the site moist.

Don’t wear tight clothes

It is best that you avoid wearing any tight clothes at least several weeks after the surgery, in order to avoid having the genital area irritated. Go for skirts, loose pants or dresses that allow you to move freely.

Everyone who intends to undergo labiaplasty should take into account these useful tips. It is worth mentioning that there are many benefits that come with this type of surgery, such as it offers women more comfort and it makes them be more confident in themselves.


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