Craft ideas for toddlers – fun and educational activities

It is common knowledge that children of all ages and especially toddlers like to imitate their parents and follow them around. We might first think that it is cute and fun to have a mini you imitate all your actions never leaving your side. However, parents know that no matter how adorable, and they can certainly be sweet, it is not helpful at all for a toddler to follow you around the house while you are trying to tidy up, cook or simply relax. What is more, trying to put the cat in the washing machine is not exactly your and its idea of fun, but unfortunately there is no stopping a bored toddler, unless you can offer a better alternative. A little crafting project that does not involve scissors and glue, as for instance putting small ribbons on their stuffed animals, will not only keep the little ones occupied, it will also make them happy.


Parents learn to become inventive and come up with all kinds of stories to make even the most tedious task seem like the most exciting thing ever.  By becoming very good at keeping their children involved in inoffensive activities, parents can finally have a moments’ peace and save the pets and the furniture from play time with the toddler, which never ends well. A small dose of ingenuity can save you from the insistent pleas of letting them wash the dishes, fold the clothes and chop the vegetables, not to mention that it will help you keep them away from the TV and tablets.


You can start by crafting together with your toddler to make it seem more fun. If your little one sees you immersed in the project, he will instantly become curious and will start imitating you. It is important to make the job seem important and to showcase whatever you are doing afterwards to make him feel proud. This way you ensure that he will be more willing to craft in the future as well. A great crafting idea for toddlers is making small ribbon bows. You can cut the ribbon yourself and teach him how to do it. If he is too little to manage it, you can make the bows yourself and make it his duty to inspect the house and choose the places where you could use some cute decorations. This way you will stir his imagination. If your children are old enough to make their own small ribbon bows, you can use them to decorate the house.


Kids are always such cheerful and inventive creatures that it would be a shame not to help them develop their creative side, especially when that would also mean keeping them occupied for a couple of hours. Teaching them that there are multiple ways you can use the ribbon bows they made with their own hands such as making a head band, decorating a greetings card, accessorize their clothes and so on, will help them feel useful and important.

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