Creative ideas for home sweet home

Everybody love decorating their house! It’s your own intimate place and with the time being, you need to feel a bit the wind of change. Due to this concept, numerous people have developed interesting ideas to make theirs homes a warm embrace to whoever crosses their threshold. You can choose to go for one style only and completely re-decorate your house using the same trends, or you can taste a little from each style and design a room which could be exactly the opposite of another one. However, this can only happen if you choose a modern look, an antique one, but it will not apply to those rural houses with wooden elements and country side appearance. So it’s time to let your imagination run wild and see how you creative can be, when it comes to your own property.

You can tell how a person is by looking at her bedroom, or even at the entire house. The colors she used, the decorations, mostly everything is about flowers, pink and pale shades and also lots of sparkling objects. Well, since having all that on your mind, why not make usage of these are create something fabulous? Since we’re coming back to the retro style, here are some ideas to complete your home decorations.

A touch of style in bedroom

Instead of going for the plain colors like pink, purple, orange or whatever you might like, mix it with white, black and a wallpaper. Ancient enough, this concept has been brought to life in modern lines. Instead of choosing one option or the other, blend them together to create mesmerizing effects in your bedroom. Choose an adequate wallpaper for the wall where your bed has been placed, in accordance with the shades used for the rest of three walls. It really gives a little extra to the entire room. As a matter of fact if you’ve acknowledged the shabby chic mania and you’re found of it, the bedroom couldn’t be more appropriate to apply it. If your room is spacious enough, then it’s time to place your own beauty corner right on the opposite of the bed, in the same style. White furniture in accordance with strong colors would be the perfect idea. You may add a fluffy carpet on the floor and furniture in the old fashion style, with drawers instead of a dressing, using the same mixture of colors as the ones from the mirror make-up desk. A fine window curtain made of a soft and transparent material would let the light flow in your entire room. You only need some flowers and curtains in dark shades to complete the windows. Focusing more on the overall aspect, the retro arm chairs are a true delight, especially when there are some pink tiny flowers on the white material. A few sparkling photo frames and two amazing lamps on the bedside tables couldn’t blend better. Careful what patterns you choose for these. As a  hint, the lamps with stars will supply a whole starry sky to your ceiling at night.

Living room in modern designs


Since living in a society that embraces progress a lot, once you’ve finished with decorating your bedroom the way you’ve always dreamt of, it’s time to move on to the living room, where guests will be received and important dining might come on the way. The modern style, with less furniture a plasma, massive dining table and chairs to measure it are just perfect. Here and there you can add a few furniture articles if your room is big and bright. Placing a carpet gives you the option to go for a centered small piece, or a whole coverage for the entire room. It would be best to go for the first option. Here too, you are allowed to add a few spicy elements. Golden frames to mirrors and large paintings on the walls are in a perfect balance with the white or black walls. A guitar, a piano, a book shelves may let the outsiders know your passions and interests. Flowers are a good influence here, as well. However choose the green ones, because they give another pleasant environment to the whole room, instead of picking colorful flowers. You might even go for the red ones as well, but make sure they’re all the same. On the other side, if you add a couch to the room, you can choose some stylish pillows like little mustaches decorations on white materials. They sure are captivating and really creative at the same time. Regarding colors, apart from the original black and white, you can add a bit of brown, cream in mixture with light blue.

Humdrum kitchens to real masterpieces


No one likes a crowded kitchen and since dealing with a complete dressing of your home, you might as well take care of this aspect, too. No matter the chosen style, whether it is modern, antique or rural, the wooden furniture will always fit in the frame. Retro kitchens must always have floral patterns and porcelains are never to miss a home. A small table, a few furniture articles in white or dark brown colors should do the trick. But when you’re out to get modern and extravagant items for your kitchen, be sure to choose the magnetic furniture, with drawers that shut for themselves, electric ovens and amazing cooker hoods to match with the rest of your house. An ingenious idea would be to mix a few colors, like while with passionate red, along with modern appliances for the whole kitchen. Take a piece of paper, a pencil and start drawing your dream house. Whatever you imagine at the moment, can become a veritable item in your house and it wears the originality fingerprint which is better than expected!

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