Getting your basement looking chic

What is a basement? It is a scene from a horror movie, most would say. Not anymore. Now, you have all the tools you need to make the best of that space you have in your home. This way you won’t have trouble finding the perfect relaxation spot from the chaotic and restless city. A basement is nothing more than an open space, in which you could free your imagination. Here are some ideas that have proven to be quite popular among the house owners.

Sporty basement

If you are among the basement owners, you might take some interest in this idea. What is better than having your personal sports room just a few stairs down? First you need to think what appeals to you more, specifically the theme. Of course this is a personal decision, but the red brick wall, from which a plasma TV is hanging surely gets you going. A basement shouldn’t only fit your tastes, but it should welcome everyone. A good idea would be to surprise the male representatives in your family, by placing on the empty walls sport pictures and posters. Go for the big leather couches, that give you the feeling of total relaxation. If you go for the brown and black leather, you will surely keep the elegant look.  Also, use the shelves for storing catchy sporting objects, like signed balls or baseball gloves. As for the coffee table, here’s a great and cheap idea. Find one that has a double glass surface and put inside it some old sport cards of famous players. Just think of the atmosphere you could create!

Private bar
Everybody is making plans for Friday night, to go and have a drink at a great bar. What if you could do that every night? Your basement could easily become a chic, exclusive location, packed with all the drinks you like the most. Decorate one of the walls with a crafty wooden bar, that has small patterns encrusted on it. Get a set of colored wine glasses and don’t forget about the drinks. If you want to give it a more feminine look, try choosing a white feathered chandelier and paint the bar black. You could have high colored stools, to enlighten the atmosphere. Don’t forget about the lights, a bar is nothing without them.


Relaxation room

Many people just want to relax after a long day at the office, so your basement could become the best place to forget about your worries. First, make sure you visualize the window, because your couch should be facing it. There is nothing better to enjoy than natural light. As for the colors, it would be best to choose soft tones, like beige, light brown, white, pale, dusty pink. A white coffee table to place a cup of tea and a tasty desert is all you need. Don’t forget to have a selection of your favorite books, set on the white or beige wooden shelves. The closest thing to technology that you are allowed in this room is a CD player, so you can really create the perfect ambient.

These are only three of the many ways in which you can upgrade your basement. Try to identify your style and needs and start imagining your new room. Remember that a chic basement is your escaping door. Create a world that is separate from your home, where you can be at peace with your thoughts.

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