Great ideas for homemade bedroom decorations

Believe it or not, several surveys have pointed out that on average a person spends approximately one third of his life inside a single room, the bedroom. There are plenty of activities which take place here, from sleeping to even eating breakfast. Considering this fact, interior decorators have made it their job to decorate this room as pleasantly as possible, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Here are some homemade bedroom decorations which you could use, if you are not in the mood of completely altering the way in which your home looks.

Improving your lamp

Everybody owns at least one lamp in the bedroom, whether it is set on a nightstand or on the writing desk. Still, if you want to create a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere, then bright light has to go. A great homemade bedroom decorations idea is the Asian lamp. It is very easy to buy one, because there are plenty of shops which have it on stock, but making your own Asian lamp can be a fun way to spend an afternoon, not to mention that is much cheaper. All you need is graph and rice paper, glue, wood strips and sticks and of course a lamp. You need to create four frames on to which you will glue the rice paper. Using the lines on the graph paper you will know exactly were to situate the thin sticks, so your lamp will have a sophisticated look.


Headboard ideas

Beds having one of a kind headboard seem to be widely appreciated. The truth is that this object can really turn a common looking bed into a chic piece of furniture. However, it might be difficult to find a headboard which perfectly fits your style, which is why you should look up on some homemade bedroom decorations models and select one of them. For instance, if you like the vintage style, then find an older shelf and pain it in a color you like, but remember that it has to fit the entire room. Choose three pillows with a catchy pattern. After the shelf is completely dried, place two or three knobs on the bottom from which you will hang the pillows. As a tip try to use a small drill, this way the wood won’t brake.

An original mirror

If you own a big mirror in your bedroom, then you should know that this is the easiest way of upgrading your room. The frame is where all the details will be placed, so it would be best to own a wooden frame mirror. If not, then try finding an old one around the house. When it comes to homemade bedroom decorations, experts encourage people to use their imagination and create colorful designs. For example, find beads of different shades to glue on the frame, not just blue or green ones. You can even try beads with have a certain sparkle, like golden or silver ones. Also, think of feathers or ribbons which can be easily placed on the surface of the frame.

These are only three homemade bedroom decorations ideas, but there are plenty more out there. All in all, this is a fun and cheap way to have original furniture. Owning the bedroom you’ve dreamed of is no longer a fantasy.

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