We all want to live in a beautiful house and see a wonderful blooming garden when we look out the window in the morning. However, we seem to forget that plants need a healthy environment to develop harmoniously and it’s nearly impossible to preserve the beauty of a garden in a harsh, unfriendly, polluted environment. There are many people who buy tree and flower seeds, built adorable white picket fences and dream of having tree houses over the years, but who discover that their soil is dry and lacks nutrients. This is one of the direct causes of pollution and not even expensive fertilisers can solve the problem completely. Most of the time, people cannot know how fertile or infertile garden soil is before buying the house. Sometimes, its qualities are out of their control. For example, if the property is near an industrial power plant, an industrial washhouse or in a heavily polluted urban area, they cannot do anything to fix the situation. However, there are times when people move into a seemingly clean and perfect home, but still cannot grow anything. In such cases, residential pollution can be the problem. Dirty chimneys, driers and other home appliances can pollute the garden soil, preventing you from growing flowers and crops.


When thinking of dryer vent cleaning, you might not see any connection between dryers and garden, but there actually is one. Small particles, invisible to the naked eye, can affect the quality of soil and air and could be one of the causes why your fruits and plants don’t look healthy. For example, if you usually clean the dryer yourself, you’ve probably noticed that this is quite a dirty job and do it outside. When it’s all over, the dryer might be clean, but what about the garden soil? Small particles cling to the leaves and enter the ground, feeding plants with toxic chemicals and thus exposing you and your family to health risks. To avoid them, it’s advisable to contact professional companies that can offer green, environmentally friendly dryer vent cleaning services. Apart from the fact that this prevents pollution, it also makes the job easier for you. In the long run, a clean dryer is better for the environment, because it consumes less energy and does not carry the risk of fires.


One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make in terms of protecting the environment is that they imagine that little thinks have little impact and that only big factories cause pollution. Nevertheless, change should start with the smallest things and switching to green dryer vent cleaning services is a small step towards a cleaner and healthier personal space. It might not look like you have made a big change at first but if in time you sick to eco-friendly cleaning services, you will definitely notice the difference. Dryers are not the only home appliances that should be cleaned professionally. The same thing applies for chimneys, refrigerators, appliances and carpets, so make sure you work with companies that have an ethical policy.

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