How to avoid awkward wedding photos

One doesn’t need to get married to known that the Internet is filled with awkward wedding photos and that choosing the wrong photographer for this huge even can result in a cringeworthy photo album that you won’t want to show to your friends later in life. We all smile at some uncomfortable pictures we come across online, but what can you do when you are in a similar situation? Here are some useful tips that can help you avoid weird and embarrassing poses.


Get to know your photographer


Not everyone is naturally photogenic. In fact, most people get embarrassed when they see someone pointing a camera at them and don’t know how to smile, wave or pose. Professional photographers such as the ones from are well aware of this, which is why they always try to get to know their clients before the photo shoot. Taking several trial photos before the big event helps break the ice and you can also have an open and honest conversation with the expert to become more familiar with them. Most importantly, hire someone who understands your vision and can turn your idea of the perfect wedding album into reality.


Consider spontaneous photos


Obviously, you cannot have an album made up entirely of spontaneous pictures, but they are a great idea, because they capture subjects in a natural setting, so they do not seem uncomfortable. Ask the photographer to follow you and the guests around and, from time to time, take candid shots. This surprises the magic moments that arranged portraits cannot and offers a glimpse into how the wedding was really like. Instead of depicting just the subject, spontaneous shots also depict an action and have a great story behind them. Spontaneous photography is highly recommended when you have children among the guests.


Avoid embarrassing poses


Believe it or not, one of the main reasons why people look weird in photos is that they are forced to stay in weird, embarrassing and uncomfortable poses that they would not do otherwise. For example, many brides and grooms insist on having bridesmaids jump, thinking that this would be a fun idea. Sometimes it is, but people in smart outfits don’t always feel comfortable about jumping and the whole picture is ruined. Wedding photography leaves plenty of room for innovation, but all the subjects should agree on the pose you are suggesting.


Do something with your hands


Standing in front of the camera often makes subjects feel weird because they don’t know what to do with their hands. Most people are not professional models, they don’t know how to strike a pose or look at the camera. If this is your case, then here is a good tip that can help you feel less uncomfortable: do something with your hands. You can hold a glass a champagne, a bouquet or hold your partner’s hand.

All in all, the key to natural and beautiful pictures is to hire the right photographer and communicate with them. After all, having pictures taken should not feel like hard work. Limit the number of classic portraits to a minimum and then leave candid photos do the rest.

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