How to choose the best small space kitchen design

Generally speaking, decorating a kitchen is not exactly piece of cake: you have to consider many aspects, from style, color, materials and storage spaces to the type of appliances. And if you have to deal with a small kitchen, things tend to get more complicated, in the sense that the lack of space becomes a serious problem, not a caprice. You then have to think of a small space kitchen design to make the room seem bigger and brighter, while looking stylish and modern at the same time. So, if it’s time to redecorate your kitchen and don’t know what to choose from, here are some tips and tricks.

The key to success in a small kitchen is choosing bright colors and smooth surface furniture, with many storing spaces. Any bright color creates the illusion of a bigger space. The same thing applies for the lighting: the more a room is well lit, the more it seems neat and spacious. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have a huge window, you can make yours look wider by cleaning them regularly. If you need many storage spaces and the surface of your kitchen is not big enough, you can expand the furniture on the walls. Also, appliances which are incorporated into furniture help you save space and benefit from a harmonious image of the room. Furthermore, certain appliances such as the best rated dishwashers come in a wider variety of finish choices than they used to have. You might want to take this into account when considering your kitchen’s color scheme.

Don’t even think at eliminating certain appliances due to lack of space. For example a dishwasher may be considered a luxury but it actually helps you save time, effort, money and even space as you will no longer require a big sink. If you already have a dishwasher and are thinking about replacing it with a smaller and more efficient one you should consider reading some maytag dishwasher reviews as you are sure to find something that fits your needs. Furthermore, keep in mind that nowadays, the best rated dishwashers have a lot of amazing space saving features. Some can be integrated into the cabinetry and there are also counter top dishwashers available or dishwashers so small that they fit into two drawers.

If the dimensions of a kitchen are reduced in size, decorating should be done vertically: take advantage of walls and add as many cupboards as possible. The kitchen is a room which should be functional as well as aesthetic, so your furniture of choice has to combine a refined aspect with numerous storage spaces which help you stay neat. The combination between wood and the color white is part of a great small space kitchen designed if you want a fresh image.
For the kitchen, choosing a design with rustic influences is a great idea, because the room becomes more welcoming, comfortable and intimate without looking cluttered or messy. With such a design, the predominating materials have to be the traditional ones: wood, stone, brick and ceramics. Wooden tools, woven baskets, bowls and ceramic plates are some of the elements of a small space kitchen design, elements which have a strong visual impact. Generally, it’s advisable to avoid the black and white combination when decorating the kitchen furniture, but if you know how to pick the pieces, this combination gives classical elegance and refinement to any interior space. So, if you’re a fan of monochrome, choose such an image for your kitchen. The result will be surprising and the kitchen will become a shining place where cooking become a pleasure. Just search the net for a kitchen Perth company and you will find some good one.s

American style kitchens – that is the ones which communicate with the living room – are also becoming more popular, because they create the impression of wider open space. Even thought they require the demolishing of walls, they can solve the small kitchen problem once and for all. The only challenge is to create an harmony between the design of the kitchen and the one of the living rooms, so that the two can give the sensation of continuity.

Last, but not least, don’t forget that the color and style choice has to be made after your personality, so always choose the decorations and furniture that make you feel at home. Furthermore you also need to make this room as comfortable and efficient as possible. You should not dread cooking. On the contrary. You should enjoy the process of preparing healthy food for you an your family. In order for you to feel that way you must invest in appliances that ease your work. We guarantee that the maytag dishwasher reviews will help you eliminate the problem of dirty dishes

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