How to decorate a comfortable small bathroom

After a busy day, there is no better way to loosen up than take a relaxing bath or a refreshing shower.
Anyone’s dream is to have a wide, spacious room for this, but unfortunately this is not always possible. Sometimes there is simply not enough space, but that doesn’t mean that a small bathroom can’t be comfortable and welcoming. By carefully placing objects and giving the impression of depth with the help of optical illusions, you can maximize the potential of the bathroom and turn it into a relaxing space.

The first essential tip when it comes to small rooms in general is that colors have the ability to completely change the feel, as well as the aspect. Pastel colors, such as white and beige are lighter and create the illusion of an open space. They are suitable for the walls, the ceiling and also for the tiles- this way you create color harmony. If the ceiling is not tall enough, vertical stripes can do wonders, because, just like in the case of clothing, they make objects look taller.  Discreet colors are a safe choice, but, combinations can include a bolder and brighter color without making the room look small. The secret is not to mix two shocking colors. Instead, you can use one bright color running vertically , which gives a playful and exciting touch to your bathroom without making it appear smaller.

Light is the ally of color when it comes to optical illusions and, if it is used properly, your small bathroom will not look small at all. Keep the windows as large as possible- if you can’t modify them, try to leave them uncovered. Also, you can eliminate the low ceiling problem by avoiding to draw attention to the top of the room and placing lights on the walls. Unfortunately, this takes chandeliers or other big lamps out of the question. Mirrors, on the other hand, reflect light and create a luminous and spacious effect. Also, if it doesn’t pose intimacy problems, you can replace your opaque shower screens with transparent ones.

It would be impractical to place too much furniture in a small enclosed space, but a single, larger one, can save room and look very beautiful. Also, small pieces of furniture can be carefully arranged to have the same effect. A fashionable option in present interior design favors inwall toilets, because they save a lot of space and leave room for other objects. When space is a problem, you cannot leave things pile up on the floor or leave it disorganized. On the contrary, the floor has to be visible, which means that the walls will be used for storage. There are many options to choose from: nooks for clothing, cabinets and shelves for shampoo bottles or toothbrushes. One clever trick is to place crannies behind the doors, where they are almost out of sight. In fact, any free area on the walls can become, with a little imagination, a perfect storage place for your things. Interior designers advise you to go for a minimal design and furniture that is not placed directly on the ground. If you’re not sure about something, you can always turn to one for an opinion or consult a magazine. Redesigning your small bathroom may prove to be a challenge, but by keeping an open mind and making creative, informed decisions you too can have a bathroom to be proud of. This way, at the end of a stressful day it will be a pleasure for you to step into the shower and feel that your bathroom is so great that it can be featured in a magazine.

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