How to maintain a positive social interaction

To create and to maintain a healthy, harmonic family relationship is synonymous with building an environment where everything revolves around communication. In order to progress as humans, as communities, as families, is vital to ensure a vivid interaction and cultivation of our social abilities. Expressing openly our feelings, whether of joy, sadness, confidence, unease or discouragement, making our peers aware of our states of mind, of our desires and demands, supporting a two-way communication is essential for our proper development as human beings. Naturally, many obstacles can interfere in this process and obstruct the communication in a family, such as the generation gap, but there are sufficient ways to get beyond this inconvenience. As long as parents are determined to understand their children and their needs by accepting the new possibilities of today’s world, as long as they are decided to bridge the gap by admitting and in a certain degree embracing the present and its revolutionary changes in comparison to their youth, things will evidently take a turn for the better. At the same time, the teenagers should make an effort and help their parents gain a better understanding of their views on the world and should also help them adjust to the modern elements they are unfamiliar with.

To socialize is vital not only for the children-parents relationship, but also for adults in general. Nowadays many find it easy to hide their misanthropy behind busy and exhausting work schedules, behind the lack of free time or other fictional appointments and meetings. Many have isolated themselves to such an extent, that they have forgotten how to socially behave and therefore turn down invitations to certain events or dinner parties. Of course, it’s not easy to make somebody’s acquaintance, but it may turn out to be an important step not only in your personal, but also in your professional life. So the next time you’re asked to come to a party, accept the invitation, buy a bottle of wine and show up confident you will have a pleasant time. If you’re nervous and don’t know how to initiate a conversation, you can always break the ice by talking about the weather: „A bit chilly today, don’t you think?“ Then the discussion will most surely lead easily to other common subject, like work, sports or hobbies. Avoid delicate topics like religion and politics and be discreet when it comes to how much money one earns or physical features of those present.

Communication is essential for the development of human relations. Without it, without letting others know what we wish for, what we expect from them, society would stop functioning. It’s important to maintain a healthy family communication, but also to see about our social interaction, to keep the already established relationships and to try to expand our circle of acquaintances. Socializing, of course without being exaggerated, is of great help for our growth and our permanent need to be listened, to find out useful information or to just chit-chat and enjoy the stories of a dialog partner.

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