Humidifiers Help Fight Baby’s Colds

If you’re the parent of a newborn or infant, you are probably aware by now how difficult it is to determine what your child wants or needs sometimes. This can become even more frustrating when the child is sick, because due to their young age they can’t take all the medicine we take to get better. There are limits to what you can do when your child is fighting a cold, and this is mostly related to making him or her a bit more comfortable until the worst has passed. This is one of the reasons why pediatricians sometimes recommend parents to place a humidifier in the baby’s room, so it can at least help them breathe easier.

The symptoms of a common cold are usually a sore throat, burning nostrils and dry mouth; having all your sinuses affected like that is very uncomfortable for adults, but for babies can lead to them crying and not being able to rest well. With a humidifier, you create more humidity in the atmosphere, which in turn makes it easier for the sickly to inhale and exhale without feeling so much discomfort. Moreover, a humidifier can loosen mucus in the chest and nose, which also helps the respiratory system and makes it easier to fight the cold.


The only problem you may have is finding the best baby humidifier, because it is difficult to choose from all the models out there. In principle, the best kind are the warm mist humidifiers, because they keep the atmosphere more pleasant and are what’s needed when someone is fighting a cold. However, if the baby reaches it, you risk them getting burned or hurt, so make sure you place it somewhere the children can’t reach, well above their heads. A cool mist humidifier can also be helpful, but more so when the air is simply dry and you want everyone to breathe more comfortably.


Mist humidifiers are not only great for those with a cold, but for those suffering from allergies as well; so when you look for the best baby humidifier, think about what your general needs are. If you live in a dry climate and the air is always too dry in your home, then you can even purchase a dual mist humidifier, with both cool and warm mist; thus, you use the cool mist for general discomfort, and warm mist for colds and the flu. Finally, you could also invest in a whole house humidifier, which is a more permanent solution and allows you to control humidity levels throughout the house constantly.

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