Improving the mother-daughter relationship

Family is unanimously thought of as one of the building bricks of society, close-knit family ties being a great indicator of the surrounding quality of life, on one hand, and of the internal well-being of a home, on the other.

The family environment is crucial to the growth and future development of children, especially those in their teens, that problematic period when many strong built relationships are shattered into pieces due to misunderstandings and unresolved conflicts. This severing of bonds is most likely to appear when raising girls, rather than boys, especially due to their more sensitive nature and attention needing character.

If you are experiencing troubles in dealing with your little girl, don’t lose faith and read this article with great patience and an open-mind. It is always helpful to keep in mind that the way we start educating our daughters in their early years will take its toll on the way they develop through maturity.

It is common knowledge that women have a higher risk of developing mental conditions, in comparison to men. This fact remains true and, regardless of the age, girls are showing the same elevated risk factor for developing depression or anxiety-related diseases. In addition to that, little girls are even more prone to react to social and media pressures, being flooded from all directions with picture-perfect cover girls and size zero celebrity images.


A serious threat to young girls’ mental and social stability is their altered perception of themselves brought about by the constant media pressure of being perfect, which is wrongly associated with being thin, causing numerous abnormalities in behavior from anxiety to eating disorders and anorexia. The reasoning behind why this is important is rather simple, the young girls feel miss-understood and seek refuge in communicating with their peers and similar aged companions, falling even deeper intro the trap of bad habits as these people are also under the same influences and risk factors. All of these, added to the already existent stress factors of daily life, can seriously affect a young girl and that is the reason why mother-daughter communication diminishes and relationships becomes broken.

But there is no reason why things cannot be changed. For mothers struggling with problematic daughters, one solution could be reading sad relationship quotes in order to raise you awareness about what issues are taking place inside your relationship and what needs to be fixed further on to revive the happy and healthy family environment. Not few were the cases when sad relationship quotes proved to bring valuable insight on the feelings long buried away or hidden deep inside our soul, and, by extension, gave precious information about where exactly the methods of raising children have failed.

Normal interaction in society is known to be a result of a well-balanced family environment that is why, if you are the mother of a young girl, you should seriously think twice before applying severe punishment or constant criticism to you daughter, hence making her more vulnerable to sadness and self-hatred and less and less likely to turn up a successful adult.

So what stops you from improving your mother-daughter relationship and building a close-knit family tie? Keeping in mind that years from now the roles will be reversed, once you have learned what needs to be done there is no reason why you shouldn’t act on it and change things to the best.

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