Last year, my husband and I decided to make a trip to London by car. The idea was to stop on the way whenever we felt like it and enjoy the scenery. That was the first and last vacation trip we made with the car. Besides the fact that we were really tired after a day on the road, we also lost our car keys half the way to London and went to great lengths to make duplicates. It is funny how things can go so wrong with a simple mistake, but no one in our family and in fact no locksmith in sight knewtransponder key programming, so it was only natural we had to suffer the consequences. No matter how many stops we did and how much we awed at the beautiful countryside scenery, we were feeling the strain of having to sit in the car all day long, so my husband proposed yet another stop at a lovely family restaurant he researched online. It was situated quite far from the main road, but that was considered a plus at that moment. We ordered coffee and desserts for the children and decided that the atmosphere deserved at least an hour break from out part.


We let the children play outside and we enjoyed a quiet time by ourselves after being confined with all three of them in our car. Apparently, our youngest took the car keys from the table when my husband was not looking and went outside with it to play. What happened with it afterwards only God knows, because it became unseen. No matter how much we struggled, we could not find it. The restaurant staff was very nice to help us look, but to no avail. In the end, we decided to pay a locksmith make a duplicate. It did not even cross our minds that we should have any more troubles after the locksmith arrives. Unfortunately, not even the locksmith could help us, because we owned a car equipped with transponder keys. These keys are the results of the latest innovation, so they were not easy to replace. They are designed to be impossible to duplicate in order to keep thieves at bay. In fact, your car engine will not start without the electromagnetic signal sent by the original keys of the car. This means that thieves cannot drive the car without the keys, but nor do you.


The immense benefits technology provides also have a downside. It seemed impossible to us that a professional car locksmith could not handle the task of making duplicates, but we had to accept our fate after two more companies admitted they did not possess the experience and technology to solve the problem. Apparently, transponder key programming depends on the model of the car as well. The more popular the model, the greater the chances of finding a locksmith capable of creating spare keys for your car. In the end, we had to appeal to a London specialist. They were a great help, because we told them our situation and they sent a team on location with all the equipment and they solved our problem on the spot. Those were the most nerve wrecking six hours of my life, because sleeping on the road was not my idea of a happy family trip.

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