Make an ingenious gift for the little ones with printed birthday ribbons!

Have you ever wanted to do something truly special and out of the box for your kid’s next birthday? Surely, you have, what parent wouldn’t dream of surprising their little one with the most impressive gift they have ever seen but wanting this and achieving it are completely different things as you probably know already. If the budget is limited and you inspiration is running dry then the upcoming birthday party must be the most dreadful event of the year since you fear that you will disappoint the person you love the most. But be aware of one thing: children are easily impressed! Their sense of perception and manner of observing what surrounds them can be used in your advantage to create a truly spectacular gift that will leave even the most pretention kid in awe of your accomplishment. And did we mention it is a low-cost endeavour too? If you think it sounds so good that it cannot possibly be true than you need to reconsider because the answer is easy and it has been standing in front of you for a long, long time. All you need to do to make the perfect surprise is to buy printed ribbons in the UK and use them as the wrapping surface of the presents! If you still cannot fully visualise this solution, don’t worry and just keep reading this article as we are about to explain everything in detail.


For families with multiple children or a strict budget, the giving of presents must be a beautiful yet somewhat stressful time because there is an immense pressure to satisfy the needs of those receiving the items as well as to maintain the financial budget of the family which is never easy. Therefore, it is always a great idea to try and shift the focus away from the content of the present boxes to their exterior, the way they are wrapped and the way they are presented. Build excitement around the process of opening these boxes rather than what’s in them! You can visit the websites of major British ribbon manufacturers and browse through the catalogues of products to find the perfect ribbon hanks which you then customise by requesting them to be printed with various personalised messages. You little ones will love it!


The fact that you are given the chance to customise your ribbons is of great importance since this element is exactly what sets an average present apart from an extraordinary and memorable one. Your child may not be too thrilled about the fact that he received a doll or action figure instead of the latest tablet or play-station, but will surely be glad if you wrap the gift in layers and layers of ribbon, each with instructions on what to do to discover the interior. You can even decorate the entire house, the living room or corridor with these hints and puzzle pieces so as to create a modern day version of the treasure hunting map. Imagine how long your boy or girl will be talking about the way they discovered their birthday present to friends and colleagues at school. They won’t even care what’s inside!

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