Make relocation as enjoyable as possible

Relocation is never easy or pleasant, even if you hire a company to take care of each and every step of this process. No matter if you move via interstate or just to a new house within the same city, this is a frustrating experience that causes uncertainty, anxiety and stress, for there are many things that need to be taken into account. The good thing is that you can streamline the process and plan an organized move that will reduce the stress and expenses to a minimum.

There are many things that need to get done in order for a removal to go as easily and quickly as possible and a moving checklist is probably one of the most helpful tools that you can use in the midst of relocating. It can help you stay organized and have a better control over the entire process, regardless whether you have chosen to work with a moving company or if you are doing the entire job by yourself. Moreover, whether you find a moving list or your create one by yourself, it enables you to work in the most systematic and organized manner and overcome any moving problem that is likely to occur. The most important thing to remember is that you should narrow down all those things that you need to do before the moving day. From finding the right moving company to packing your personal effects, each and every step should be listed with a specific deadline and additional information that is pertinent for that specific task. Apart from this, you need a second list with all the personal effects that you need to pack and each box should have a clear label with its contents, as well as the room it is destined for.


Furthermore, you can create your moving list by breaking down your tasks by timeline or by category, or both ways if you are very neat and organized. List each and every activity, whether it is related with the physical move or not, such as getting permits, visas or passports, closing old accounts and opening new one, finding schools and doctors, informing family members and friends and so on. You should also consider permanent or temporary storage for some of your elements and go through all your things in order to establish what you would like to keep and what you can get rid of. If you have enough time, you could organize a garage sale and make some extra cash, streamlining your job at the same time. Additionally, you should make home repairs and improvements, if needed and get back to your neighbors and friends anything you have borrowed.  However, you should take care of all these with at least a month before moving.


Packing should begin with at least three weeks prior to your move because you need time to separate your items and create an inventory, or even insure your valuable possessions. You will need different suppliers, such as boxes, tape, Bubble Wrap, special containers, permanent markers and so on. Make sure you have everything at handy and remember to use a safe box for your jewelery and important papers and transport it personally to your new home. Two weeks before moving, you should continue packing and also clean each area of the house as you finish packing. This is also the moment when you reconfirm your moving company and your moving day and cancel different house services, like newspaper or pool maintenance. Your paperwork for both the new and the old house should be ready and in perfect order and you should start using any perishable food in order to have enough time to defrost the fridge and clean it.

One week before moving it is wise to create an action plan for the moving day and confirm all sorts of details, such as movers, trucks, etc. make sure you have enough cash to pay for these services, clean the house and pack the rest of your personal effects. In the moving day, you should have a bag of snack and water bottles at handy  and organize the movers to perform their tasks exactly as you want them to do. When they arrive, everything should be empty and ready to be moved. When the place is empty, make a quick inspection and a quick cleaning, double check everything and make sure that the movers have the correct new address. With that being said, having a printable moving checklist enables you to track and monitor the entire process and ensure that everything goes according to the pan, without any hassles.

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