Organizing a successful garage sale

When it comes to spending time in the family, there are so many ideas and so many things that you can do, both indoors and outdoors, but organising a garage sale is by far one of the most fun activities. Whether your kids have grown and you have a bunch of stuff that they don’t need, use or play with anymore or you simply have to much furniture from redecorating the entire house, a garage sale is a great idea to get rid all those things and also make some money, not to mention spend a nice, fun afternoon with the entire family. However, if you want for the sale to be successful and careful planning is necessary. For instance, if you want every member of the family to have fun and enjoy the garage sale, then it would be wise to give each one the responsibility of selling their own items and stuff. You might need to organize them beforehand and separate them, but that’s a fun activity too, as you can use ribbons of different colours for different members or even order printed ribbons with each member’s name. Today, you can find printed ribbon wholesale online, which means you can get them at very cheap prices.


In addition to easily and playfully separating items belonging to different family members, printed ribbon wholesale products can also help you decorate the garage sale tables and even the items for sale, making them more appealing to customers. Not only that, but if some of the things look a little to tired and in need of sprucing up, it is amazing what one can do with a couple of ribbons and some glue. In fact, going through the items before opening the garage sale is an important step of making it a successful one, especially if you have kids and they are looking to each sell their stuff. It can be like a pre-garage sale activity to do together, browse through the clothes, toys and anything else they don’t want anymore and try to fix them or patch them up or even embellish them one way or another, so that they look good at the sale.


As mentioned above, you can use ribbons not only for separating items or for making them more beautiful, but also for the lay out of the garage sale. If you are planning to have the sale in your garden or back yard, then it will be a nice touch to decorate the place and make it look more festive, so that people will feel attracted to the place. Ribbons can help you make the tables more appealing, you can use them to make signs from the drive way to the back yard, so that people passing by know where the sale is and even to create customised categories. For instance, if you have a lot of Christmas decorations or things related to the holiday that you want to sell, then you can create a whole table just for them and use ribbons that have “Merry Christmas” printed on them to wrap them or to decorate the table. As said, there are plenty of printed ribbon wholesale suppliers on the web, so you can easily and quickly find what you need.

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