Preparing the House for a New Baby

When expecting a baby, there is a large number of preparations that the future parents will have to do in order to make sure their house is suitable for this delicate, new life. This refers to the entire home, and not just the nursery, in expectation of those months when babies start exploring their surroundings. Today, we are going to look at some of the most important changes and additions you will have to bring, with the side-note that they have to be accomplished before the birth, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • Baby’s Room

The location of the baby’s room can be very important; first off, it has to be very close to the parents’ bedroom, so they can hear it crying, or get there quickly to see what the matter is. At the same time, it should be away from populated areas of the house, such as the living room, main bathroom, kitchen and so on. People tend to use these rooms the most, so there will always be noise coming from them. On the other hand, there are those who prefer the baby’s room to be a bit further from the master bedroom, so the one of the parents can keep sleeping while the other goes in to check on the baby after hearing it on the baby monitor. Finally, you should make sure the room itself is well isolated from exterior noises, so insulate the windows.

  • Baby Proofing

It is imperative that you baby-proof the house, eliminating all causes that might hurt the child. This means from any objects that a baby could stumble over, or have fall on them, to hiding outlets with special lids, putting bumpers on corners that they could hurt themselves on, and, just as importantly, locking doors they’re not supposed to open. Sure, you might think there’s plenty time until a child is developed enough to explore the house, but you will be so busy taking care of your child that you won’t have the time or disposition to make these changes then.

  • Eliminate Noise

There are a lot of things, machines and devices around the house that produce noise, but we don’t mind them anymore because we’ve gotten used to them. However, think that your baby will sleep several times a day in the first months of life, so it needs quiet during hours people are not used be quiet in. You turn the dishwasher or washing machine on without even thinking, and go about your business; but when baby is born, this has to become a real concern for you. The solution is to start looking for the quietest appliances on the market, and you should know there are Bosch dishwashers that produce a mere 39 decibels when in use. You can even find a quiet dehumidifier, one that can stay in the baby’s room when humidity levels are high, and it won’t bother their sweet sleep. Thus, whether it’s a quiet dehumidifier or a more silent-working blender, you have to consider every loud noise producers and eliminate or replace them.

These are the main changes and preparations you need to make when expecting a baby; of course each of them comes with a multitude of other details that must be taken care of, but these also depend on each particular situation, and have to be adapted according to case.

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