Protect your family against carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer that has managed to poison and steal the lives of too many people. Even though a great number of poisoning incidents go undetected, carbon monoxide poisoning is still considered the most common cause of injury and death across the world with the number of incidents increasing dramatically during the winter when poorly installed or defective heating systems are used. Therefore, hiring a certified and insured company to install and safety-check your boiler might very well save your life and protect the health of your loved ones. We often needlessly worry about the dangers that we have no control upon, especially when it comes to the well-being of our family, but we fail to take basic preventive measures against carbon monoxide poisoning. This happens because people are not well enough informed about the dangers they expose themselves to by neglecting the annual boiler and heating system inspection. With more than 25% of monoxide carbon exposure incidents ending up in the death of those affected more severely, numerous campaigns that warn people about the devastating consequences of monoxide carbon poisoning have emerged and special alarms have been developed to signal the presence of this gas in the air when it is above the normal levels.  In fact, gas poisoning is easily preventable, as long as people are ready to use an alarm and hire city gas services to inspect and repair their heating systems.


While the causes of monoxide carbon poisoning are numerous, the main cause is improper use and installation of boilers, as well as defective heating systems. This is why people should rely on professional help when installing their boilers. More than that, the company responsible with boiler installation, repair and inspection needs to be gas safe register approved and insured. If you can also find a company with accreditation and experience in the heating industry, you can rest assured that your boiler has been installed properly. Another important rule that can help you prevent any unwanted accident is to call upon a specialist the moment your boiler shows signs of malfunctioning. Postponing the repairs or ignoring the signs can have grave consequences, not to mention that defective heating system waste energy. Replacing old boilers at the advice of a professional is also something you should not postpone, because there is a limit to repair services, especially when the system is old. Timely boiler replacement is necessary to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


All in all, monoxide carbon poisoning is a threat that we should not ignore, especially when it is so easily preventable. New and old boilers alike should undergo regular services.  When it comes to your family’s health, it is always better to be safe than sorry and given the incidence rate of gas poisoning and the gravity of the situation, boiler installation and repairs should be left in capable hands. There is simply no room for compromises, so you should carefully check out the reliability of the city gas services you plan to hire.

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