Quirky kitchenware – what makes a family’s kitchen

Families’ kitchens are the best and when you step inside them, you instantly notice you are in a family’s kitchen. That is because they have all this quirky kitchenware that immediately attracts the eye, such as personalized mugs or mom’s and dad’s egg cups or the fridge magnet that is also a bottle opener, but it’s a little cracked at one corner because the little one banged his head on the refrigerator’s door. From the salt and pepper robot shakers to the bike pizza cutters, these cool and funny gadgets and kitchen accessories can be easily find online, on specialised websites and platforms that sell kitchen tools and gadgets. In addition, these products make great gifts, so if you are ever looking for some presents for an entire family, then kitchen gifts should definitely make your list.


You can start with the kids, because depending on how much they like what they get, the entire gift giving gesture will be appreciated or not. When it comes to quirky kitchenware for kids, your options are almost infinite, from alphabet cookie cutters and kids cutlery, such as forks and spoons shaped like planes, to gun sauce dispenser and differently shaped ice lolly moulds. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can even personalise the gifts, especially if the family has more kids and you are getting the same gift for each kid. Engrave their name on their designated item and you will really impress them and the parents, not to mention you will reduce the risk of hearing them argue over gifts. The customisation of gifts works for the adults as well, so when you are looking for cool presents for the parents, try selecting items that can be engraved or personalised one way or another. This way, you cannot be blamed for giving impersonal gifts, as kitchen gifts are considered sometimes. Matching aprons with their name on it or funny tags, such as King and Queen of the Kitchen, mug sets that say something of the sort or other such items make great presents.


It’s true that most families buy this type of quirky kitchenware themselves, which is why people usually notice instantly that they are in a family’s kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add to their collection. The market is highly extended and if you take the time to browse the web thoroughly, you will certainly find something that they never would have thought of or that cannot be found at the regular stores. The important thing is not to be superficial about it and dedicate some time to the cause, because there are virtually millions of quirky little things and you will probably get overwhelmed at some point and just want to buy the first item that appears before your eyes. Just try to make a short list of the things you find most interesting and then revisit them the next day, in order to choose right.

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