Senior Home Improvements for Your Aging Parents

Although aging is a sign of wisdom and experience, it has its drawbacks once you start experiencing difficulties in fending for yourself and when you have to adapt to your new lifestyle and abilities. Seniors become more fragile and helpless and they need all the support they can get to continue having a safe and decent life and some home improvements and changes can turn out to be useful for those who get old and start losing their skills. Discover how you can help your aging parents to continue living a joyful and healthy life.

Improvements for comfort and safety

Comfort is as important as safety in every home and seniors should benefit of both and in many cases, adjustments that create comfort also increase the safety of a home. For example, seniors should have within reach everything they need in a kitchen or in the bathroom so that they will not have to climb stools or stretch their hands in order to grab something. The cabinets should be installed at a proper height and the utensils and cleaning products should be placed on low shelves so they will easily reach them. You should also adjust the height of the toilet seat for easy transfer and you can consider installing a walk-in tub or shower. The beds should be as tall as they are easy to also be adjusted so that seniors can easily get in and out of them, steps should be secured and handrails should be installed to make sure seniors can walk safely and the handles and door knobs should be replaced with levers that are easier to grab. The lighting is very important and seniors can consider installing a sensor system that avoids them wandering in the dark.
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Comfortable and safe mobility aids

In terms of both comfort and safety, a mobility scooter is great for any aging person who can hardly walk on short or long distances. The mobility scooter requires less strength in maneuvering than a regular wheelchair, so seniors should have no problem in riding it. This useful device can also be used indoors and you should install ramps and new door steps that allow access for the mobility scooter.
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Another great mobility aid is the stair lift that helps seniors go up and down the stairs without any pain and effort. The stair lift is installed on the staircase, it is suitable for any shape and length of the stairs and it is safe and easy to use, being electrically powered and comfortable. There are numerous types of stair lifts on the market. These devices can also be quite expensive. Visit in order to do some research so that you can be certain that you are buying the most efficient and durable stair lift.

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