Short guide to safe scuba diving

Even the calmest and clearest turquoise waters can hide unseen dangers for beginner divers that do not have the sufficient amount of experience or even a proper training. This amazing and mind opening sport is practicable by anyone with the proper training and efficient gear, like a scuba diving computer or accessories, bought from professional and dedicated shops in the industry. For any interested person who desires to start entering this extraordinary world, there is a multitude of specialized traditional shops and online vendors with excellent products and famous brands in the field, like the xDeep Black OLED bottom timer. Search online for the best diving shopping platforms and check out the product specifications of their offers.


The things you need to expect on your first experience in scuba diving are no reason to be alarmed, especially if you are properly informed in advance with regard to the procedures and issues occurring in the process. Before entering the water for the very first time, you will have already participated in some training or professional diving course intended to teach you the basics about this sport and techniques used by experienced divers. These courses are held by specialized instructors and taught step by step, so you get all the possible details you can ask for. The first underwater submersion takes place in a controlled environment, such as a swimming pool or shallow bay, where the water level is low and allows the participants to stand up on their feet. During the courses you learn how to breathe using a scuba regulator and how to use the typical gear, like a scuba diving computer.


Prior to submerging underwater, you are required to know certain skills, such as how to remove the excess water from your mask or equalize your ears. Understanding the basic physics that stands behind the functioning of buoyancy control devices and how weights influence the descent and ascent is vital to have a great diving experience and feel totally prepared before going under the waves. Ask about the levels you are allowed to descent to and practice every procedure at least once above the surface, before you start the actual dive. The step by step learning procedure implies that you first exercise above the level of the water, followed by a submersion in a shallow pond or constrained environment and only then a real dive in open waters.


The best piece of advice any instructor can offer his students is to take their time and get accommodated with the process in their own, personal rhythm. Ask as many questions as you need to because trainers are used to answering them and have a large level of patience. No matter what happens, always keep your calm and remember the training your received. If not, there will be a highly experienced instructor by your side to help you get right back on track. Regardless if you too are one of those amazing persons that feel like fish underwater or you are simply a curious beginner, the scuba diving experience will blow your mind away and make you feel like you entered another realm or a different universe previously unknown to you.

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