Some suggestions of non-formal activities for students

Students from nowadays are different from the way their parents used to be years ago. Therefore, in order to find classes more interesting, teachers need to look for some creative methods which have to role to make them understand the lessons better. On the other hand, if students prove diligent and teachers are interested in offering them a small reward for their good results, a good solution is appealing to the modern concept called “non-formal education”.


This concept is very famous in places like Australia, thanks to its wide range of benefits. Not to mention the fact that even parents can appeal to this method when they want to offer their children a good education. And if you don’t have any clue what do that, here there are some good examples of non-formal educative activities.


School trips


School trips are considered the best way of helping students to learn something new, because they have the opportunity to see how things really work. For example, teachers can take them to an animal show where students can learn a lot of useful things about nature and the animals’ habitat. For example, if you look for school incursions Melbourne you can find a place where students can play and learn things about animals such as reptiles.


In fact, the organizers say that they are trying to inspire students to take more interest in nature, with the help of some activities such as word puzzles, educational games, dance, physical activities and more. All those who went to such a school incursion in Melbourne claimed that it changed their opinion about wild- life. Moreover, students, parents and teachers have the opportunity to meet some interesting uncommon creatures such as Long-Nosed Potoroo. Those who work in this domain also say that once people go to such incursion, they are tempted to continue and discover more interesting facts about the fascinating animals’ world.

Mountain expeditions


If you think that the activities from above are not suitable for your students, you can try to take them to a mountain expedition. But be careful to ask them to wear the proper equipment such as rain coat and mountain climbing boots in order not to hurt themselves during the trip.

Cinema and theatre


Going to cinema and theatre can be also considered a way of doing non-educational activities. Students can learn a lot from films of theatre performance. But you should make sure that you choose the perfect materials for them. After they finish watching the film or the play, you can ask them questions and find out which is their opinion about this type of art.

Music concerts


Music concerts may seem also a good suggestion, but sometimes things can be rather complicated. This happens due to the fact that not everybody enjoys listening to the same type of music. So, you can choose asking your students about their preferences. You may think that classical music can be a good alternative, but we live in modern times when people’s preferences have changed a lot.


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