Starting a craft business

When I got pregnant with my first kid, my husband and I decided that I would stay home and take care of the children, watch their education and upbringing and that was exactly what I did. I never regretted that decision, leaving my career and being a stay at home mum, but as time went by I found myself having a lot of time on my hands, especially when the kids grew. It was far too late for me to go back to work, but I found this interesting thing to do from home: flower and fruit baskets. I always thought that gift giving is about so much more than buying an expensive thing for someone and that sometimes the simple gesture of offering a token of appreciation can have such a powerful impact on our friends, family or acquaintances. So, I thought what could be a better token of appreciation than a beautiful, carefully and professionally arranged flower bouquet or fresh, appealing fruit basket? Furthermore, I could easily do that from home, all I needed was a good source of fresh fruit and flowers and to find wholesale ribbon suppliers to wrap the baskets beautifully.

At first, I used the baskets as gifts, I gave them to our neighbours and around the block whenever we were invited to a barbeque party or something similar, then a couple of my friends asked me to do a couple for them for some PTA meetings and before I knew it I started getting dozens of calls every week. In addition, the requests started being more and more pretentious, so I had to find particular types of fruits and flowers and fancier wrapping ideas. Having found wholesale ribbon suppliers wasn’t enough any longer, I also had to find suppliers for flowers and fruit and even large ones, as the little ones didn’t have exotic fruits or fresh flowers all year long. After a couple of months, I couldn’t even keep doing the arrangements at home, as there was virtually no space for all my baskets and ribbons and craters of fruits and flowers, so I rented this small space downtown. Before I could even realized what had happen, I had my own craft business, making flower and fruit baskets, for birthdays, retirement parties, engagement parties, teacher gifts and so on.

The business was growing every month and I found myself having no free time at all. Even when I wasn’t at the shop, I would get calls and orders almost continuously. My family was so proud of me, especially my kids who would brag about my beautiful and unique arrangements to all of their classmates and would actually get me more orders than you’d think. They also were very supportive and still are, as I still have the business. There were people who suggested I should extend it, but I don’t want to. I love my little shop and the fact that I can create unique baskets and arrangements according to who is asking for it, because I personally know most of my clientele and because I have the time to do so, not having to mass produce them. I also like my line of flower, fruit and wholesale ribbon suppliers, it took me a while to make those connections and establish good business relationships and I love how things are going.  

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