Steps towards owning a great home aquarium

Home is man’s sanctuary. When thinking about new ways of improving the look of your home, you should definitely consider your passions. There are many fish lovers out there, so if you are one of them, you should pay attention to what follows. A home aquarium is a great idea. Not only does it change the entire look of a room, but it allows you to enjoy your hobby even more. Here are the steps you have to follow in order to have great looking fish tank.


Step 1: Choosing the right aquarium

A home aquarium is not a round bowl with a golden fish inside it. It is much more than that. Taking into consideration the way in which your house looks, you can choose sophisticated or modern looking fish tanks. Believe it or not, in the Victorian period fish tanks were made of glass, having wooden carved legs and margins.  It could easily be considered a work of art. Today, people still appreciate a one of a kind design, but slightly different from the 19th century taste.


If you own a big living room, with a high ceiling then you could go for the tube like aquarium. It is circular and unites the ceiling with the floor. This home aquarium is imposing, that is why you need a big home. Many have used the tank to separate a room from the other. In this case, the aquarium is incorporated in a wooden unit.


Among the most crazy designs, an old coffee table, computer or even television are brought to live, being used as a home for your favorite fish. If you are an apartment owner, then this is the right style for you. It takes little space and lights up the atmosphere.


Step 2: A proper aquarium maintenance

Nothing looks right without a little effort. A fish bowl needs to be maintained, just like any other piece of furniture. The first rule is not to overcrowd the bowl. If you have many fish, do not feed them too much. The filter system will not keep up, damaging the quality of the water. Most certainly, this will affect your fish, causing them to die. If you have big fish, the water has to be changed quite often, in some cases even daily. You will need proper equipment, particularly a hydro vacuum. It looks like a hose, which sucks out the dirty water. Remember to clean the glass sides, as well, both in and out.


Step 3: Aquarium fish

The way in which your tank looks is not the only thing that matters. Any fish lover knows that this is the most important step. Everyone wants a home aquarium full of colored fish, but there are certain things you have to consider besides appearance. This first one is water. Look at the proper living conditions each specie has, for example whether it needs fresh or salty water. Also the behavior is important. The fish will live together in the tank, so they have to get along. Light is another issue. Some enjoy light, but others find it annoying. The bottom line is to take into consideration their preferences as well. There are about 2000 fish species from which to choose. Goldfish, the Koi fish, rainbow  and catfish, these are among the most common choices.


The only thing you have to remember when you have settled for an aquarium is to get to know your fish. This way you can put together a proper cleaning and diet program. Taking care of fish is all about attention and a bit of discipline.

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