The African Grey parrot, a faithful friend

If you want to own a welcoming house, then having a pet is the answer. There are many advantages to caring for animals, among which is a proper child education. Raising your son or daughter with the idea that all animals should be loved and taken care of will help in teaching what responsibilities really mean. If you are not a dog or a cat lover, then here is a great idea for you: the African Grey parrot. ‘The Cadillac of birds’, as it was called, is not at all a difficult pet, so here is some info about it.

Getting to know the parrot

What has fascinated the entire world is the intelligence of this small bird. As the name informs, the Grey parrot comes from Africa and has been introduced as the perfect indoor animal for quite some time now. It is a very lively bird, having the ability to imitate human sounds or even words and sometimes full phrases. So, you should be careful about what you are saying in front of the African Grey parrot, because it immediately picks up fowl language. It has a life expectancy of over 50 years, so it will be faithful companion for you. Remember that birds are social beings, they like hearing noises to know that they are not alone.

 Eating habits and caring tips

How to correctly feed your parrot is something you should know in order to properly care for your bird. A healthy diet should consist of an equal quantity of vegetables and fruits, but also nuts and seeds. They enjoy very much eating wall nuts for example, it is one of their favorite dishes. In the wildlife, this parrot was spotted eating snails, but this is not recommended for a house pet. You can find a variety of special food for the Grey parrot in pet shops, so feeding it right shouldn’t be complicated. When deciding on a diet product, stay away from the ones that are ma
de using chemicals, because these substances could alter their behavior, making them aggressive. As for hydration, parrots like to drink only fresh water, so be sure to change it everyday.

Any pet needs his home and as a loving owner you have to find right cage for its’ needs. For an African Grey parrot a cage is where it finds protection. That is why its’ home has to be wide and tall, giving it enough freedom and space. Your cage must be equipped with a tray, in order to place its’ meals, a water bottle and keep in mind to arrange a playpen. Don’t expect the bird to stay in its’ cage all the time, because parrots are active and enjoy their freedom, so try not to keep the cage closed. Even though parrots have a long life expectancy, their homes have to be clean and you are responsible for this. Always use bird safe cleaning solutions so your pet won’t be harmed at all.

All in all, the parrot can be a real fun companion, bringing joy to your home at all times. Caring for this bird is not at all difficult or expensive. What is more, living in an apartment is no setback in purchasing such a pet. There is nothing better than knowing that when you come home there is someone waiting for you.

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