When should you seek family counselling?

Family is the environment that defines us. It is the place where we learn to make the first steps, utter the first words and learn basic notions about the world. Family members are the ones we first have contact with and the ones that help define our personalities. Most of the times, family is the only thing we can be sure of, a pillar that sustains us when we have problems or when there is no one else to turn to. If friends may betray us, relatives are tied by an almost unbreakable bond. Good family relationships have to be nurtured, however, and all members should take care to keep good communication and a relaxed atmosphere at the basis of a strong home. And yet, there are times when nothing seems to work and arguments inevitably appear. Sometimes things seem to drift away unknowingly, but other times there are certain events that can strongly shake the family’s foundation. When simply talking does not help, counselling is a modern solution that can significantly solve family tension. Forget about the couch myth and leave aside the pride of having to share problems with others. Going to a counsellor can often be a family saver- talking to one is like talking to a friend. Only this friend is a specialized individual who can provide you with a tactical approach. You can always install a hidden cam but better you should go to one whenever you feel there are negative aspects that overwhelm you. In general, you should contact a counsellor after critical events, such as:

Divorce and getting back together

This is one of the most common causes of crisis in a family. Divorce can really affect relations, especially when you also have children, which is why a counsellor can help you decide how to behave or explain them what happened. In fact, in some states going to a counsellor before and during the divorce is compulsory. Also, when you decide to get back together after a separation, you might want to consider seeking professional help so as to re-establish communication.


Child concerns

A child’s point of view should never be neglected. Many times, your decisions as a parent are taken without keeping in mind that children have their own perspective and they should be included in decision-making. Additionally, there are situations that your child might find challenging, such as changing schools, puberty, emotional breakdowns. If you feel that you cannot take care of this alone, counsellors know how to approach this problem and will give you valuable tips.


Loss of a relative

This is a very unfortunate case and most often requires professional help. It is chosen especially for little children who cannot cope with the loss of a relative, but also for the other members. You can all go to sessions together and talk about your feelings, so as to achieve spiritual healing.


Family counselling is an advisable option whenever the members feel that they are going through a crisis of any sort. However, problems can also be solved at home, by keeping an open mind and building a home based on communication and understanding.

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