When to Teach Children How to Use Appliances

As parents, we try to do our best and raise children to become happy, functional adults. However, this can be a challenging task in our ever-changing world. The influence you have on your children is in competition with the influence of their peers and with the media. Although at some point the child naturally wants to pull away from parents and look to other sources for survival information and social cues, the presence of media and social media in their lives and the lives of adults can accelerate the process. By the time your kid is twelve, it may be too late for you to instill new skills and values. However, starting too early can be dangerous for an inexperienced child. So how do you know when to teach children how to use appliances?

Safety comes first
Teaching children about safety rules and electricity is essential for their well being and should begin at a young age. Until a child is mature enough to understand and follow protocols, caregivers must supervise all activities and create a safe environment. If you don’t know when to teach children how to use appliances, start as soon as they can reach the stove and other machines.


Before you teach children how to use appliances, make sure they are ready and physically strong enough to operate it safely. Ask yourself if he or she can read and understand important warnings, dials and buttons. The child must be mature enough to understand what may happen in case of improper use. For example, 7 is not too young to use a microwave as long as there is adult supervision, although 9 or 10 is a more suited age. Make sure you teach through hands-on instruction and by reviewing the manual with the child. Reinforce a lesson by demonstrating proper handle.

Knowing when to teach children how to use appliances can be difficult, as it usually depends on his or her ability to understand things. Loading and unloading the dishwasher can be done at a younger age if you remove knifes and other sharp objects first. You can get the best integrated dishwasher, with child lock, so they don’t have access to it without your supervision, and who knows, they might even enjoy this relatively simple task that allows them to push buttons and deal with electronics. Thus, you should read some Bosch dishwasher reviews, because this is the best brand on the market and thus, the most recommendable. Most 5-6 year olds can scrape and rinse their plates. By age 9, kids should be ready to learn how to use a dishwasher. Make sure you teach them safety principles.

Teaching kids how to do laundry can start at preschool age after they learn colors. Start by teaching them how to sort dirty clothes. When they are older, teach how to fold and put up laundry, especially if it is their own. By age twelve kids should be able to completely do a load of laundry.

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